Welcome to the Newest Premier Fine Dining Vietnamese Cuisine in the Washington D.C. metropolitan & vicinity (since Jan 2013)



Welcome to "Lotus Grill & Noodles"! 

Someone might ask why do we name our restaurant after "Lotus"? Just a simple thoughtful idea: Lotus is a Vietnamese national flower and known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness.  The flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and still be perfectly clean. Therefore, the lotus is seen as a sign of rebirth, but additionally it is associated with purity. The breaking of the surface every morning is also suggestive of desire, this leads to it being associated with spiritual enlightenment.  In a similar meaning, we would like to offer our customers a nice place of enjoying good and healthy foods as "purity" while listening to soft and entertaining instrumental music (Vietnamese, French, Latin & American) for achieving your "spiritual awakening" with our friendly and good customer service as our "faithfulness" to you all!

Lotus Grill & Noodles.

      Relaxing atmosphere of Lotus as in a modern luxury spa

  Peaceful & Elegant Settings inside Lotus Grill & Noodles -             modern feeling but still preserved Asian style culture.   

       A view from Lotus Bar to main street of Shirlington Village   


                            Lotus Outdoor Patio Cafe'   -                                   A very nice place for enjoying your excellent dishes outdoor         while watching "cool gentlemen & hot ladies" :-)  as well as            nice cars at the Shirlington Village